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Ready to start your gourmet beef jerky journey? LolJerky's monthly subscription service offers the best value & flexibility! Plus, it makes a perfect gift for any meat loving friend or family. Select your sampler experience below.


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#1 gourmet jerky subscription sampler box service! 100% clean & local USA beef jerky. Handcrafted meat snacks sourced from small family farms and cottage businesses.


1 Bag

Single bag of gourmet jerky per month. Ideal for LOLJerky beginners. *


2 Bag

Double the excitement! Taste & compare two jerky flavors each month!


4 Bag

Quadruple the flavor variety. Pace it, and you’ll have a bag per week!


8 Bag

For the jerky connoisseur. Be the ultimate enthusiast or gifter!

LOLJerky Reviews


Gotta say, I was skeptical at first. Another subscription box, right? But this... this is something else. Used it as a gift idea, and it was a hit. Looks like I've got my go-to for Father’s Day and birthdays sorted. Cheers!

Christopher B.

Ordered this for my hubby and he couldn't stop raving about it. The shipping was super quick, which was a nice surprise. It's not easy impressing him, especially when it comes to his snacks, but you guys did it. Definitely ordering again!

Amanda S

Wow, just wow. I've tried a ton of jerky in my time, but this stuff? Next level. I honestly didn't expect to be blown away by a subscription service, but here we are. Count me in as a lifetime fan. You guys nailed it.

Caelin Spears

I'm always on the lookout for subscription services that actually deliver value and, you know, something we'll actually use. LOLJerky hit the mark. Fast shipping, great jerky, and my family loves it. You've earned yourselves a loyal customer here.

Lisa A

Received a surprise package from your club - best secret Santa gift ever! The Habanero jerky was a standout. Seriously good stuff. Makes me want to sign up and send a few surprises myself!


Received as a Secret Santa Gift

Artisan Crafted
Clean & Natural
Locally Sourced
Made in USA

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Questions or requests regarding our gourmet jerky subscriptions? Please see our FAQ. Otherwise, use our live chat or our form!