Where to Buy Local Beef Jerky Online (4 Easy Steps)

Want to know where to find local beef jerky online? We’re not surprised. There’s only one thing jerky-lovers want to know: where to find a bottomless box of quality beef jerky. Well, that one’s still a little beyond us (but rest assured, we have our best people on it!). However, we can tell you the next best thing: where to buy quality local beef jerky online.

Buying beef jerky online has never been easier: there is an abundance of farmers, suppliers, and countless brands. In this day and age, you can afford to be picky -- and you should. Why settle for mediocre when you can ravish your tastebuds with real, quality beef jerky? 

You have choice -- lottts of it. You may even feel overwhelmed by all the results that spill across the page when you search, “where can I buy real beef jerky online?” How do you know which company to trust? We’re here to help you answer that question. 

Buy local beef jerky online from LOLJerky. Here’s why.

LOLJerky is the best place to buy local beef jerky online. It's a convenient beef jerky subscription sampler box service that delivers jerky monthly to your door, starting as low as $13 (including free shipping!).

Since there are now dozens of sites that offer beef jerky online, and you want to be confident that your money is well spent, we'll tell you what sets LOLJerky apart.

We like to be fun and mysterious -- you never know what flavors will arrive each month in your jerky subscription box. It might be the harmonized mix of Sweet n Spicy, the flavor-loaded Teriyaki, or the good ol’ Original, among others. But in one particular aspect, we like to be predictable -- mind-numbingly predictable. And that aspect is our top-notch quality. It is at the very heart of our core values, and we will never compromise it with meat that didn’t live well, is laden with preservatives, or full of carbs.

You’ll find our consistency comforting, but certainly not disappointing. 

Part of the reason our jerky is so high quality is that it’s local. We have fostered relationships with local ranchers and farmers from all over the USA, who provide us with only the healthiest, all-natural jerky from cattle that was well cared for and 100% grass fed. We then use this premium jerky to curate our jerky subscription boxes and deliver them right to your doorstep.

This means that with each pack of jerky you buy from us, you are supporting a chain of ethical practices that contribute to the local economy, promote the kind treatment of farm animals, and ultimately give you a guilt-free, insanely delicious snack. 

In short, you can be confident that you can buy your quality local beef jerky from us. 

Finding Locally-Sourced Jerky Online is this Easy

Here is how you can buy real beef jerky online from us: 

1. Choose how many local jerky bags you want

To buy your quality beef jerky online, visit our website (www.loljerky.com) and head over to the “Subscribe” page. The first step to select is the size of your jerky box. 

If you are new with us and want to test us out before you commit, you can go for just one bag -- but if you’d like to have a taste of an array of flavors, you can choose from 2, 4, or 8 bags per month. The flavors are hand-picked by us, so each box will be a delicious surprise. Remember that the more bags you go for, the bigger your savings!

You can always adjust the size of an existing subscription

2. Select your subscription duration

Next, you choose the duration of your jerky box subscription. You can prepay 6 months or a full year to save up to 15% of the price, or you can opt for monthly payments for a shorter subscription that you can easily cancel whenever you like (even after the first month). Just email us at support@loljerky.com if you need to pause or end your subscription. 

Tip: Not sure yet if a jerky subscription box is for you? Read 10 Reasons to Join a Jerky of the Month Club to find out more.

3. More jerky with your jerky?

Before finalizing your beef jerky subscription, you have the option of adding some one-time jerky yummies and gifts. They will arrive with your first box. 

You can then review your order and place it. Check that your cart has all the items you want, and create an account so that you can return to check on or manage your subscription at any time. Of course, fill in your shipping address so that we know where to send your treats to! 

4. Let the jerky come to you

That’s it -- you’ve bought your quality beef jerky online! Now all that’s left is to sit back, relax, and wait for some of the finest jerky on the market to come all the way to your doorstep. Your first purchase ships within 48 hours. All consecutive boxes will ship on the 20th of the month, and usually arrive within 2-3 days.

Have questions about buying local jerky online?

If you’d like to buy local beef jerky online from LOLJerky and have any questions, we’d love to help. You can visit our FAQ page to see answers to some of our most frequent questions, or email us at support@loljerky.com

Start your subscription here or gift a jerky box!