10 Reasons to Join a Jerky of The Month Club

Want to join a jerky of the month club but you’re on the fence? We get it. There are so many options out there as far as what can be delivered to your doorstep in a subscription box: books, tea, neckties, cupcakes…and possibly best of all, American craft jerky. That’s right! With a monthly jerky club subscription, you can have a mouth-watering variety of premium USA jerky brands handpicked for you every month. 

Gone are the days when you have to drive down to the supermarket and scour the shelves, just to find the same old brands everywhere with an incredibly high content of carbs and fat. While a monthly subscription might feel like a big commitment, there are many reasons that make a jerky of the month club more than worth it — here are our top 10

Why Join a Beef Jerky of The Month Club?

1. Jerky of the month clubs can offer much higher quality

Sure, you can eat jerky filled with preservatives, high-fructose corn syrup, GMO’s, nitrates, or other ingredient list intruders in typical mass-produced jerky brands. But why would you, if you can have jerky that is 100% clean, healthy, and even grass fed? What you’ll find in your jerky of the month box will give your tastebuds the time of their life and make you want to serve the jerky on a silver platter.

2. Jerky every month = all your snacking needs covered!

Without a jerky of the month club, if you suddenly find yourself with a real hankering for jerky late at night, you won’t have much other choice than to saunter down to the nearest gas station and make do with whatever cheap jerky filled with unwanted preservatives you’ll find. Imagine having a stock of premium, clean, 100% grass-fed jerky always in your cupboard. That’s exactly what the best jerky of the month club can do for you.  

3. Level up your meat snack experience

Jerky of the month compared to plain old, store-bought jerky is like a delicious, fresh-from-the-oven gourmet pizza compared to a frozen supermarket pizza. Not all jerky is made equal. 

4. It pushes you to try new things

We often get stuck in our own comfort zones, and jerky is no exception. Do you ever find yourself trying one flavor of jerky, and then buying it over and over again, just because it’s what you already know? With surprise flavors every month, a jerky of the month club takes you right out of this rut. 

5. Give the gift of monthly jerky

Picture this. You’re at a friend’s birthday party. It’s time to open presents. Everyone else hands off their colorfully wrapped boxes or gift bags, which the host duly unwraps to uncover various nice but essentially run-of-the-mill gifts: chocolate, wine, books, colorful socks…sure, that last one might be more creative, but it has nothing on yours. 

You step up with your box. You watch as your friend tears the paper off and their eyes grow wide as their eyes fixate on the bold letters stamped across the top: welcome to the jerky of the month club.They now have several delicious flavors of hand-selected, top-quality natural jerky at their fingertips. And that’s not all — they will get more next month. And the next month.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Suddenly, you’re invited to all the other guests’ birthday parties, too. All because of your jerky of the month gift.

6. Jerky of the month clubs provide an excellent bonding experience

Gifting a friend a jerky of the month club subscription doesn’t end at the party. The monthly-delivered jerky will not only remind your friend — in the most insanely delicious way possible — that you’re thinking of them, but it will also give you a great bonding experience, especially if it’s someone you may not see very often. Now, they have a great excuse to phone you up every month and tell you all about the new flavors and brands they have discovered, thanks to you. 

7. Subscription box jerky is kinder to the planet

The best jerky of the month clubs place great importance on the quality of the jerky and consequently, the living conditions of the animals. Think how much more you’ll savor your jerky if you can be confident that it comes from well-treated, grass-fed cattle who lived happy, healthy lives on small farms. 

8. Become a connoisseur

We all know that person who can daintily sniff a glass of wine and tell you exactly what notes it has. This individual then proceeds to proudly list all the best wines and their pairings. Now you can finally one-up them. With the wide range of jerky you get in the monthly club, you’ll become an expert on jerky brands, flavors, and quality in no time. 

9. Jerky subscription boxes save you time and money

Whether you want jerky from quality sources, paleo-friendly, low in sodium, or all three, top-notch quality is hard to come by. It’s not something you can find at every corner store: it’ll take some searching, trial and error, not to mention driving to find a source that satisfies all your jerky needs. Subscription boxes take care of all this hassle for you and deliver right to your doorstep. 

10. Be part of an exclusive club

We all love being part of clubs. What better club to join than one that’s filled with jerky-loving people like yourself? Jerky of the month clubs not only open up a new community that you can partake in on forums or on social media, but you also gain access to exclusive products that may be extremely hard to find in stores. 

Ready to Get Started?

If these reasons are enough for you, check out this craft jerky of the month club, with quality as the top priority. Try LOLJerky today and enjoy free shipping!