How to Find New Craft Jerky Brands in the US

“Where can I find new craft jerky brands?… Where can I find new craft jerky brands?” 

Of the four things researchers say humans can simultaneously think about at any given time, this is one that thousands of jerky-lovers alike have running through their minds on a loop. Imagine if you solved this issue once and for all, and freed up that thought slot for more important things -- such as “Where can I discover new AMERICAN craft jerky brands?” 

We understand. Finding new local craft jerky brands can be challenging. Does it have to be? As it turns out, it doesn’t. Below we’ll present to you the easiest way to find new USA-made craft jerky. Then, read on to learn what type of dead-end jerky-hunting experiences to avoid. 

6 Easy Steps to Find New Craft Jerky Brands in the USA

Here’s how to find new craft jerky brands in the USA, hassle-free:

  1. Go to (locally-sourced jerky from small US ranches & vendors).
  2. Navigate to the “Subscribe” page. 
  3. Choose your # of packs (1, 2, 4, or 8).
  4. Select how long you’d like to pamper yourself with this delicious goodness. 
  5. Confirm your order. 
  6. Discover new craft jerky brands and flavors via monthly delivery to your doorstep!

For a more detailed step-by-step, read Where to Find Local Beef Jerky Online.

Why Discover New USA Craft Jerky Brands via LOLJerky?

When it comes to finding new craft jerky brands in the US, we might be picky, but our customers love us for this. At LOLJerky, quality comes first and foremost -- no exceptions, no corners cut. 

When you order from us, you can confidently expect to receive top quality craft jerky brands from US small businesses. Let us surprise you with the flavors, but never with the ingredient list or meat’s origin. We carefully select only the highest-quality brands and American farmers to collaborate with, all of whom follow ethical cattle raising practices. 

Happy cows and farmers make happy craft jerky, and happy craft jerky makes everyone happy. 

Alternative Ways to Search for New Craft Jerky Brands (Not Recommended) 

How to find them at gas stations

So you want to find new craft jerky brands in the US? Well, the most obvious place to start is at gas stations. There are probably lots of these near you, unless you live in the middle of nowhere. If that’s the case, hopefully you have a car and there is an accessible gas station that  gets you to a place where you can get craft jerky. 

Obviously, the first step is getting to the gas station. This is easy enough. Now comes the tricky part. Slowly walk up and down each aisle, eyes darting from side to side, on the lookout for any packages with those beloved words -- craft jerky -- never failing to stay alert for other craft jerky hunters present who could snatch your precious prey from right under your hungry nose. 

Will you find jerky? Probably. (Otherwise, what kind of gas station is this?!) Will it be craft jerky? Almost definitely not. But, let’s not give up hope yet. Look over the package and turn it over to the ingredient list. Hmm… yep, just as you thought. Shockingly high sodium levels and an ingredient list teeming with MSG, GMO’s, and nitrites.

That other package you found doesn’t look so bad, but then it has a whopping 12 grams of sugar and only 6 measly grams of protein … exactly what you’re NOT looking for in your jerky. Sigh. 

Find another gas station and repeat. 

How to find them at the supermarket

The process for finding new craft jerky brands in the US in supermarkets is pretty much the same as finding them at gas stations. 

There’s the added benefit of a bigger selection, where larger supermarkets have shelves packed with jerky stretching even an entire aisle -- but unfortunately, this is often set off by the equally large quantity of MSG, GMO’s, sodium, and nitrites that dominate the ingredient lists of said jerky. Quality is first and foremost, so it is important to scrutinize the labels and read all the fine print carefully. This can be a rather long process -- but eventually, you will surely luck out and find some tasty, quality craft jerky brands that you can enjoy as a reward for all your hard work. 

Was it time consuming? Definitely. Was it worth it? Of course. But do you really have to go through all of this? Absolutely not. 

Embark on a Jerky Adventure Today

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