Best Jerky Subscription Box for Boyfriend Who Loves Meat

Your boyfriend loves jerky? Welcome to the club. No, really -- welcome to THE jerky of the month club, LOLJerky

This is a special kind of club. It will make your meat-loving boyfriend happy and fill his stomach (and yours). What’s more, it will give you an endless supply of birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and basically any other special occasion gifts for your jerky-loving boyfriend. Does this sound too good to be true? Thankfully for you, it’s not! 

Keep on reading to find out why LOLJerky is the best jerky subscription box for your boyfriend who loves meat. 

How to find the best beef jerky subscription box for your boyfriend type (because he’s special)

You’re looking for the best jerky subscription box for your boyfriend who loves meat -- but not all meat-loving boyfriends are alike. Let’s break it down.

The “I don’t know what I want” boyfriend who loves meat

This type of boyfriend who loves meat can never, for the love of god, give you an answer about what he wants for his birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and so on. Excellent! He doesn’t have to, because you at least know he loves meat.  When you gift him a LOLJerky subscription box, you gift him delicious “anytime snacks” of his most favorite food in the whole wide world--no grill necessary.

Your boyfriend will receive a surprise selection of jerky hand-picked by us in each box. But don’t worry! All of our jerky is top quality, from cattle that was ethically raised and 100% grass-fed.

The “There’s no such thing as too much beef” boyfriend

The best thing about getting a jerky subscription box for your meat-obsessed boyfriend is that it satisfies his carnivorous cravings -- for literally as long as you want. But perhaps you worry about his excessive meat consumption. 

With LOLJerky, you can rest assured it’s the best type of beef he could possibly consume on a regular basis. All of our jerky is clean and top quality, from cattle that was ethically raised and 100% grass-fed. If all your boyfriend wants for Christmas, his birthday, Valentine’s Day, and every day in between is jerky, well… his wish is our command!

You can even save up to 15% of the total cost by prepaying a 6-month or 1-year monthly jerky subscription box. 

The “I’ve seen it all” (borderline hipster) jerky-loving boyfriend

Does your boyfriend put on a bored face every time you excitedly thrust a “new” brand of craft jerky under his nose? Let us see if we can change it to one of pleasant surprise -- followed by absolute delight as he tears open the package and pops the first piece into his mouth.

You might feel like you’ve seen everything under the sun. But the beauty of a subscription box where you never know what you’ll get is that you can be surprised by new flavors you didn’t even know that you didn’t know about -- until now. 

The elitist jerky snob boyfriend

It might be hard to find a good jerky subscription box for the boyfriend who sips his beer with his pinkies up and turns his nose up at the easy-to-find, supermarket jerky brands. Except when you come across a company that ONLY supplies the premium, hard-to-find craft jerky. That’s right: that’s us! 

You won’t find just any old jerky in your LOLJerky subscription boxes. No matter what flavor and brand, you can rest assured that each package is free of MSG, GMO’s, and nitrates. Even better, the cattle was 100% grass-fed and well cared for. You don’t need long ingredient labels full of unpronounceable ingredients when you have real quality that doesn’t need to hide behind artificial flavors!

The health-nut (slash might have a problem) boyfriend

They say the way to a man’s heart is through filling up his stomach. With this type of meat-loving boyfriend, there’s a long list of stipulations attached to this statement.

Whether he’s trying to build up muscle at the gym or has dietary health restrictions, your boyfriend is incessantly picky about what he eats. Buying food can become a staggeringly long process of reading ingredient lists followed by a broken record of “too many carbs…not enough protein…covered in sugary sauces.” But at least ordering jerky doesn’t have to be this way.

Our clean and natural jerky is low in carbs, low in fat, and low in sodium (but oh-so-deliciously-high in protein). 

The “gifts are my #1 love language” boyfriend

This type of boyfriend loves gifts more than you do. That’s sort of endearing...right? Subscription boxes are becoming more mainstream, but there’s no reason why you should feel boxed in (get it?) to the stereotype of handing over “just” the box (even if it IS filled with jerky -- the absolute best kind of box). 

Though taking the time to find a high-quality product that your boyfriend loves is caring in itself, you can go the extra mile by thinking of a way to combine jerky with another activity your boyfriend loves. We’re not talking anything kinky....jerky can easily be combined with and complement countless other tasteful gifts. 

Some ideas: 

  • A surprise snack on a romantic camping trip you’ve planned
  • A treat to munch on with his friends at the sports match you got him tickets for
  • Regular motivation to keep going to the gym to reach his fitness goals
  • A bottle of his favorite whiskey or scotch to pair with the jerky
  • Something to stave off the hunger while you guys marathon your way through that new Netflix series 

The possibilities are endless. 

Buy the best jerky subscription box for your boyfriend who loves meat

Gift a LOLJerky subscription box for your meat-loving boyfriend! For detailed information on our ordering process, feel free to visit our FAQ page as well as our blog post “Where to Buy Local Beef Jerky Online”.