Best Value Jerky Subscription Box

In 2021, finding the best value jerky subscription box is only a few clicks away -- exactly one, in fact! Just move your cursor up and hit the “subscribe” button in our menu above to find out. Jokes aside, we are confident in the quality and value of what we offer -- but we understand that you want to be sure your hard-earned money is well spent. 

For this reason, we would like to show you why LOLJerky curates jerky subscription boxes of not only the best quality and yum-factor, but also the best value. Read on to find out why LOLJerky offers the best value jerky subscription box of 2021.  

LOLJerky is the best value jerky subscription box. Here’s why.

The words “best value jerky subscription box” usually call one thing to mind: more jerky, for less money. As firm upholders of quality, we believe there is much more to the best value jerky than simply the lowest price -- but, of course, we also believe in fair prices. Here is how we work this philosophy into our LOLJerky subscription boxes to make the best value jerky subscription box on the market: 

Buy more jerky to save more on jerky

The best value jerky subscription box (LOLJerky) will give you two great things: jerky…and more jerky. Our monthly subscription starts at $13 with one bag of premium jerky. Adding a second bag costs only $9 more for a total $22 cost, equaling a 15% discount on the cost of each single bag. 

The next size up is 4 bags at $34 per month, saving you 35% off the single-bag price, and the largest -- read: yummiest -- LOLJerky subscription box, with 8 bags of gourmet jerky, is only $63, coming out to less than $8 per bag. You might think it doesn’t get any better than this…but read on! There’s even more jerky to come. 

Even more savings -- no joke!

Your savings on the best value jerky subscription box don’t just grow proportionally with the jerky -- they keep on growing with the duration of your LOLJerky subscription.

A month-by-month LOLJerky subscription, offering you the flexibility to cancel anytime you like, already includes the savings mentioned above -- but prepaying 6 months shaves an extra 10% off the price, and a 12-month prepaid LOLJerky subscription saves 15% off any size jerky subscription box. 

The best value jerky subscription box with no shipping costs

Don’t you hate it when you’re shopping online, you’ve got everything in your cart, then you go to the checkout page and suddenly $40 gets tacked onto the cost through shipping and handling fees? Never worry about hidden fees with LOLJerky and our free US shipping on all orders.

The savings on the subscription plans mentioned above are yours to keep (or spend on more jerky!), and will not be offset by last-minute additional costs. 

You get the best quality for your money

Finding the best value jerky subscription box in 2021 is a much more complex issue than simply comparing the price per pound. 

Have you ever bought a shirt for five bucks, just to have it practically fall apart after the first two times wearing it? It might have been a great price, but without great quality, we cannot speak of great value. LOLJerky will never have you doubting whether it’s the best value jerky subscription box. All you need to do is try us out to become convinced of this, as well. 

Here are the things we consider when curating the best value jerky subscription boxes for you. 

Enjoy the highest quality jerky with LOLJerky

It’s easy to price cheap products low -- unfortunately, that’s often a reflection of their quality. At LOLJerky, quality is always our number one priority. We will never cut corners in quality in order to try to undercut our competitors: all of our beef jerky is 100% grass-fed, made with natural ingredients, and free of GMO’s, MSG and harmful preservatives.  

Support best practices

To us, the best value jerky subscription box means valuing all the actors in the process, from cattle to rancher to box packer. All of our jerky is locally sourced from small U.S. businesses who follow ethical cattle-raising practices. 

Discover the finest flavors

Can jerky be well-priced, top quality, AND insanely delicious? If it’s in the best value jerky subscription box of 2021, yes it can! That’s exactly what our Jerky of the Month Club subscription boxes contain, thanks to the talented ranchers and artisans we collaborate with who supply unique flavor nuances that are bursting with flavor. 

Try LOLJerky, 2021’s best value beef jerky subscription service

If you’ve read this far, you must be looking for the best value jerky subscription box of 2021. You’re no wayward jerky hunter…you’re serious about where you put your money and what kind of jerky you get for it (cause what else would you want to spend it on?).  

Look no further than this page. With a jerky box starting as low as $13 for a one-time, no-commitment-needed delivery, you have no reason not to give us a go and prove to yourself first-hand that we’re the real deal. 

Try our jerky for as low as $13 with free shipping today!