Best Jerky Gift for Dad (Father's Day, Christmas & More!)

Looking for the best beef jerky gifts for dad? We understand the scenario. It’s that time of year again. That time of year when you glance at the calendar, notice the circled date, and then start to rack your brain: what could be the best gift for dad? 

Nearly everything that pops into your head, he already has, or you’ve already given him. Then, it comes to you — of course! Jerky. Jerky, the delicious meat treat; jerky, the answer to all your dad gift conundrums. You anxiously type “jerky gift box for dad” into Google. It loads for a few seconds, then promptly spits back 3,120,576 results. You start to sweat. 

How will you ever choose the best jerky gift box for father dearest? 

When you’re faced with too much choice, it helps to define the key aspects you’re looking for to narrow down your selection. And if you’ve got over three million choices, you can afford to be picky. Very picky.

So even if what you’re looking for is a jerky gift box which is top quality, affordable, unique, easy to deliver, healthy, practical, versatile, and most important of all, delicious, you will surely find a quality-oriented company that caters to this long list of demands. 

Luckily for you, you just did. Here's why our LOLJerky gift box is 2021's best beef jerky present for dad.

Why the Best Beef Jerky Gift for Dad is a LOLJerky Box

It’s a unique gift your dad will truly enjoy

Why should you give your dad our jerky gift box, you ask? Well, let’s face it: between Christmas, his birthday, and Father’s Day, your dad has probably already seen it all. Though it’s the thought that counts, opening presents might start to feel like a treadmill of the same old, same old: Wine. Chocolate. Razors. Neckties. Cologne. Itchy sweaters. Argyle socks. 

But jerky…jerky is a different story. Jerky, he doesn’t even have to force a smile for. And when it’s hand-selected gourmet beef jerky of the finest flavors? The grin will creep onto his face all on its own, before he’s even done tearing the wrapping paper off. Once he’s had his first taste of our premium craft jerky, he is a changed man. He won’t even hope to be surprised on special occasions anymore. 

With each colorfully wrapped, jerky-sized gift box he grabs, he’ll feel the same spark of hope: can it possibly be…?

You gift top-quality jerky snacks

When it comes to our jerky subscription boxes, our flavors might change from box to box, but our quality definitely doesn’t.

You can be confident that each LOLJerky subscription box you’ll find at your doorstep will contain only the finest selection of hand-picked, premium craft jerky. The cattle are 100% grass-fed and we collaborate with local farmers and ranchers who share our core values: quality over quantity. 

LOLJerky is a conscious present

Though gifts are always given with the best of intentions, many end up just sitting on the shelf, gathering dust. A beef jerky gift basket will never meet this fate.

With a LOLJerky gift box, you can be sure that you are getting your dad a gift he will thoroughly enjoy (possibly for months to come!), that will not clutter his home, and that will not ultimately be given away or worse, lay in a landfill. What’s more, you can rest assured the cattle our jerky is made from are all 100% grass fed, happy, and healthy. 

You can be considerate of various dietary needs

Unlike mass-produced jerky brands, the craft and independent American jerky brands that we work with produce only the highest quality beef with no GMO’s, MSG, or preservatives. The cattle are well cared for, and the resulting jerky is low in carbs and fat and high in protein and much-needed nutrients. Our jerky will take the stress out of choosing edible gifts for dads with low-carb or low-fat restrictions.

It fits any occasion or celebration (fathers day, birthday, etc.)

Savory foods are an excellent gift for any occasion, whether it’s Christmas, your dad’s birthday, Father’s Day, or any other important day deserving of a celebration. After all, people always love to eat well! 

And when it comes to savory foods, nothing beats a delicious bundle of jerky. With your monthly jerky subscription box, you can keep a generous stash of delicious snacks on hand for yourself and always have a few extra ready for whatever special occasion may be right around the corner. Got nothing coming up soon? No problem! Unopened jerky packages can be stored for up to 12 months without spoiling.

It shows that you went that extra mile

Quality beef jerky is not only a unique, environmentally friendly, and healthy gift, it also goes that extra mile to show your dad that you put some real thought into his gift, whatever the occasion. 

Our premium craft jerky is not something you can just grab off the shelves at the supermarket at the last minute, nor can you find it at any old gas station. (No matter how hard you try). A LOLJerky gift box shows your dad that you put enough forethought into his Christmas, birthday, or Father’s Day gift to find something of real quality. And all it really takes is a few clicks! 

A LOLJerky gift box is great complement to many other gifts

You might want to gift your dad something non-material, such as a camping or fishing trip to spend quality time together, or a gym membership or fitness app to help him stick to his resolutions. However, it can feel a little lackluster to just hand him a birthday card or a symbolic voucher.

If you want a small tangible side gift that can fill up a gift box for dad, our LOLJerky gift box is perfect for any need as you can choose the quantity of jerky to include in the gift box. Plus, whether your dad will need something to munch on during the road trip, or a healthy source of protein to replendish his energy after a good workout, the versatility of quality beef jerky makes it a great complement to tons of different gift ideas for your dad.

It’s the best beef jerky gift for dad that keeps on giving

Christmas and your dad’s birthday may come around only once per year, but his beef jerky gift basket sure doesn’t have to! You can select a one-time jerky gift box, or select a jerky of the month subscription for any number of months you wish to keep the jerky coming, and coming, and coming. 

This can be a great option if you are counting down the months to a meaningful day and want to make your dad’s wait easier and much, much tastier. It is also a great gift if you don’t see your dad very often or want to grow closer to your dad — a box of delicious, premium jerky delivered monthly to his door serves as a regular reminder that you're still thinking of him and gives him an excellent reason to call you up every month and tell you about all the cool new flavors of jerky that he’s discovering.

A LOLJerky gift box is truly delicious

This is possibly the most important reason of all. If snack foods entered into a wrestling match and tastiness was their muscle, jerky would completely clobber the competition. There’s no denying it: jerky is simply delicious. Need we say more?

Where to Get the Best Beef Jerky Gift Box for Dad

Is Christmas, Father’s Day, or your father’s birthday coming up? Check out LOLJerky gift boxes starting at just $13, including free shipping!